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How to troubleshoot a terminal not counting copies

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How to troubleshoot a terminal not counting copies


Equitrac terminal not counting copies

Troubleshooting Steps (do in sequence):

  1. Verify the copier's Foreign Device Interface (FDI) is enabled on the copier.
    • To verify the interface is on > walk up to the copier (DO NOT ENTER anything on the Equitrac terminal) and try to make a copy on the copier.
      • The copier should be locked and display a message like "Insert Key Counter" or something like that. It should not allow you to make copies. This will confirm the FDI is enabled and configured properly.
      • If you can make a copy > then the copier's FDI is disabled and you will have to contact the Copier Tech to enable it.
  2. Verify the correct copier cable is being used and securely connected.
    • Look at the cable from the terminal to the copier and try to verify the cable is securely connected on both sides. On the copier side it may be connected inside the copier and you will not be able to verify the connection.
    • The cable from terminal to copier will have a white label on each end, the cable number will be on the label. Number begins with CAB.... (Example: CABX0818)
    • Get the copiers Make and Model (Example: Canon Image Runner Advance 8105) > Contact Equitrac Support and confirm the cable number required for your copier > compare it to the cable number you found in step above.
    • If cable is incorrect, you will need to contact Equitrac Support to order the correct cable and then have your copier tech install the new cable.
  3. If the cable is correct / securely connected and FDI is enabled, the issue can be a defective copier cable, a Equitrac terminal issue or the copier's interface.
    • If available, take an Equitrac terminal that is counting on another copier and try it on the copier that the Equitrac terminal is not counting. If the second terminal counts then the issue is the original Equitrac terminal, contact Equitrac Support for a replacement.
    • If you try a different terminal (Step above) and the second terminal does NOT count then your issue is either a defective copier cable or the copiers interface.
      • Contact Equitrac Support and order a replacement cable from step 2 above. Since it is a replacement of the same cable it should not be billable if you have maintenance.
      • You will need to have your copier tech install the replacement copier cable.

NOTE: If you do not have a second Equitrac terminal to use for testing in Step 3, you can order a replacement terminal at the same time you order a replacement cable in Step 3