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Netbuffer Is Beeping and Telephone Transactions Are Not Uploaded to Equitrac

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With Equitrac Professional 5, the Netbuffer is beeping. Telephone data is being stored on the Netbuffer, but is not being uploaded to Equitrac.

This indicates the Netbuffer is not communicating with the EP5 server.  To resolve the issue, reconfigure the Netbuffer to us a static IP address instead of DHCP, as follows:

1.  On the Netbuffer, press the Enter key.

2.  Type MANAGER and press the Enter key.

3.  SelectPorts, then LanWan, and then TCP/IP.

4.  Enter the static IP address and press the Enter key.

5.  Press the Enter key a second time.

6.  Select Server, then DHCP, and then Disabled.

7.  Press the Enter key several times until the prompt to reboot papers.

8.  Press the Enter key one last time to reboot the Netbuffer.