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New Validation Data Is Not Accepted on a Remote TouchPoint Console

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With Equitrac Professional 5, on a remote TouchPoint Console, when a user attempts to enter a new number, a message appears indicating that the account is not active. In addition, the Search feature no longer works. If the same number is entered on the main server and on any other remote TouchPoint Console, the number is accepted. This behavior can occur if the workstation on which the remote Device Control Engine (DCE) service is running is running out of free disk space. If there is insufficient space on the problematic TPC, the updated validation file is not created. Thus, new validation data is unavailable at the specific TPC.

To troubleshoot this issue, perform the following steps:

1.   On the main server, start Microsoft Windows Explorer.

2.   Browse to the following location:

C:\DOCUME~1\\Local Settings\Application Data\Equitrac\Equitrac Platform Component\5\EQDCESrv\Cache

3.   Note the size of the ValidationCache.db3 file.

4.   On the workstation running the remote Device Control Engine (DCE) service, browse to the above location and note the size of the remote ValidationCache.db3 file.

5.   Compare the two files sizes.

6.   If the file sizes are similar in size, try resending the validation file to TPC.  Verify that the new validation date is now available on the remote TPC.

7.   If the files sizes differ, and the remote file is smaller than the main file, review the amount of free disk space on the remote workstation.  If free disk space is low, perform housekeeping tasks to free up space, and then resend the validation file.  Verify that the updated validation file is created on the remote TPC.

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