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Scan Preview Is Missing on the TouchPoint Console When Using Scan to Network

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In Equitrac Professional 5, using a TouchPoint console, when you scan a document using the Scan to Network option, the image does not appear in scan preview. To troubleshoot this issue, perform the following steps:

1.  Log on to the TouchPoint console.

2.  Place a test PDF file in the network watch folder listed in System Manager for the device.  

If the test PDF appear does not appear in scan preview, there is most likely a communication issue between the network watch folder and the Device Control Engine (DCE).  Restart the DCE service. 

If the test PDF appears in scan preview, it indicates that the problem is between the MFP device and the network watch folder.  Review the scan settings on the MFP device and compare them to those defined for the device in System Manager (for example, the path to the network watch folder on the MFP is incorrect).  If they do not match, adjust the MFP device to match System Manager. 

If the problem is still not resolved, please contact Equitrac Technical Support.

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