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TPC will not accept any validation

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TPC will not accept any validation

The cause of a TPC not accepting any validation was that the TPC ran out of disk space on the flash card.

TPCs stores old transactions in archive files on the flash card under disk1 folder. If the TPC has been installed for a long period of time the archive files can use the available diskspace and eventually the TPC will stop working.

To verify this is your issue; web admin the terminal (In IE type the IP address of the TPC and hit enter); look at the Free Disk Space, it will show 0 bytes.

Resolution: 2 options

  1. You can format the flash card, restart, reinstall the application then restart. This will wipe the flash card and re-install the configuration. Simplest and fastest method. You will need access to DRC3 software to remote controll the TPC and format the flash.
  2. You can delete the old transaction files manually \\IP Address of TPC\del?filename=\disk1\ (See note below to display filenames)

Note: To see the archive filenames

  • In IE will show you the Web Admin screen
  • Click on Download > User = DEV and Password = EQU
  • Click on Disk1 to show all files in the Disk1 folder
  • The Archive filenames begin with TxAudit or ScanLog. You'll see one file for each month since the TPC was installed.
  • You will have to delete them one at a time; wild card will not work