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TouchPoint Console (TPC) Is Offline

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With Equitrac Professional 5, using a TouchPoint Console, the console appears "Offline" in the Web status screen and on the console itself. Despite the status, the console is fully functional and all cables are connected properly. To troubleshoot the cause of the inability to communicate with the Equitrac server, verify that the network and time zone settings on the console are correct. Refer to Chapter 3 - Initial Local Configuration of the TouchPoint Console Installation Guide for details. If the settings are correct, verify that the lights (LED's) on the Ethernet jack on the TouchPoint Console are lit. If no lights are flashing, replace the Ethernet cable.

If the problem continues, connect a TouchPoint Console that is known to be working including the known to be working Ethernet cable to the Ethernet jack in question.  If known working device stops working, the problem is the Ethernet jack. 

If the working TouchPoint Console continues to work, the TouchPoint Console should be replaced.