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Unable to Send Faxes When Using a TouchPoint Console

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In Equitrac Professional 5, if you attempt to send faxes using a TouchPoint console (TPC), it does not appear as if TPC is dialing the phone number. This can be confirmed by monitoring the process from the terminal.

This may be caused by the terminal not having the correct field defined as the phone number field. 

To resolve the issue, perform the following steps:

1.  In System Manager, select Configuration.

2.  Under Configuration Sets, select TouchPoint Console, and then select the Fax configuration set.

3.  Type K9 at the beginning of the phone number field in the "Dial string" column.

4.  Click the OK button to save the change; exit System Manager.

5.  Reboot the TouchPoint console.

6.  Test sending a fax, use the monitor function in the TPC to verify that a 9 is dialed before the phone number. 

7.  If all you see dialed is the "9", modify the value of the F value in the Dial string up or down (for example, F5, F6, F7, etc) until the TouchPoint console successfully dials the fax number.  Remove the K9 from the dial string after you have successfully identified the correct phone number string.

To monitor the progress of a test from the terminal, perform the following steps:

1.  On the TouchPoint console, press Help and then select Admin Logon.

2.  Type the user login and password.

3.  Select Fax options.

4.  Select Monitor.