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User Code Not Working at PageCounter Terminal

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With Equitrac Professional 5, using Active Directory synchronization, an end user's User Code is not being accepted at a PageCounter terminal.

This behavior can occur if the user was created in Active Directory but has not yet been imported into the Equitrac database by synchronization. Verify whether this information, perform the following steps:

1.     Start System Manager and select Users.   

2.     Locate the user in question.  If the account exists, verify that the user is using the correct User Code at the terminal.  If the user does not exist in System Manager, proceed the next step.

3.     In the left pane, click Configuration.

4.     In the right pane, click Active Directory Synchronization.

5.     Click the Test button.

6.     Type the user name (network login) experiencing the problem.

7.     Click the Lookup button.  If the user is not found, add the user to the pager file in Active Directory.  The User Code will be available after the next synchronization period.