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What to do if you have a black screen on PageCounter Professional terminal

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What needs to be done when a PageCounter Professional has a Black screen

A black screen on a PageCounter Professional could mean a power or screen failure has occurred. You need to isolate the problem to ensure you are replacing the correct module.

- Verify that the power outlet is working

- If you determine that the outlet has no power, consult with the customer to have the power outlet fixed.

- Try use a known good power adapter from another terminal to see if the problem is the power supply.

- If using a known good power restores the display on the screen, order a power adapter for your PageCounter Professional V2 terminal - (part # Y593-0005-101) or for a PageCounter Professional V1 terminal - (part # TFSP40905Q)

- If all of the above confirms to be good, most likely you have a screen failure on the PageCounter Professional, order a replacement PageCounter Professional terminal

Note: To determine what model terminal you have, look on the back of the unit and find the model number. PCP V2 terminals the model number will begin with PC7...., PCP V1 terminals the model number will begin with TRZ....