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DCE Service Stops Responding Unexpectedly

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With Equitrac Professional 5, in some instances, the Device Control Engine (DCE) stops responding due to a buffer over run in the DCE Net Buffer controller.

This issue is resolved in the following Hotfixes:

Equitrac Professional 5.2.4:                     Build:    4006     Available:          09/29/09

Equitrac Professional 5.2.3:                     Build:    3739     Available:          06/10/09

NOTE:  After applying the hotfix, the EQ DCE service must be stopped and restarted for the hotfix to take effect.

NOTE:  Hotfixes are cumulative, by component. Each new hotfix version replaces and includes any previous version.  Only the most recent version of each component hotfix is available for download on Partner Portal.

If the link to the ZIP file is inoperative, click one of the alternate links in Partner Portal to access the file:

Summary of Hotfix Changes in Equitrac Professional 5.2.4

Summary of Hotfix Changes in Equitrac Professional 5.2.3

Main Hotfix page for Equitrac Professional 5