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Print Server Status of "User Intervention Required" When TouchPoint Console Has Locked Copier

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With Equitrac Professional 5, using a TouchPoint Console, if the MFP device is using an EQ port, and the TouchPoint Console has locked the device, the status of the print server appears as "User Intervention Required." This issue is resolved in the following Hotfixes, which must both be applied to resolve the issue:

EP531-HF-178214                     Build 4673         Available:          07/26/10

EP531-HF-178256                     Build 4675         Available:          07/26/10

NOTE:  Hotfixes are cumulative, by component.  Each new hotfix version replaces and includes any previous version.  Only the most recent version of each component hotfix is available for download on Partner Portal.

If the link to the ZIP file is inoperative, click one of the alternate links in Partner Portal to access the file:

Summary of Hotfix Changes in Equitrac Professional 5.3.1

Main Hotfix page for Equitrac Professional 5

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