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TMP Files Are Not Being Deleted from the EQSPool Directory When Using PJL

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With Equitrac Professional 5, after the print job completes printing, the .TMP files in the EQSpool folder are not automatically deleted. This behavior occurs when the "Uses printer job language (PJL)" option is enabled in System Manager on the port under devices.

This has been fixed in EP531 with Hotfix EP531-HF-179449

EP531-HF-179449                     Build 4706         Available:          10/13/10

NOTE:  Hotfixes are cumulative, by component.  Each new hotfix version replaces and includes any previous version.  Only the most recent version of each component hotfix is available for download on Partner Portal.

If the link to the ZIP file is inoperative, click one of the alternate links in Partner Portal to access the file:

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