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Equitrac card check request process

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How to determine which Kofax card reader to use with Equitrac Office, Equitrac Express or Equitrac Professional deployment?  Also applies to Copitrak, SafeCom, Output Manager or other MFDP solution.


  1. Identify the cards being used.  Look for brand names, markings, or logos, such as iCLASS, HID, Indala, Legic, Mifare, etc.
  2. Look at the card reader specifications and see if the is the card type is listed as compatible.
  3. Acquire the appropriate reader(s) for testing.
  4. Test the cards with the reader using the Maintainer Tool to ensure that the values are the expected values.
  5. If the values do not match or difficulty is encountered, open a support ticket providing the details of the testing done, the values desired, values read, etc.  Please also include a photo or scanned images of both sides of the cards.

North American card testing:

If card testing by Kofax is requested, please open a ticket with the "Support > Card Testing" category.

Please send a photo or scanned image of both sides of the card, and indicate any specific value that is desired to be read.

Europe card testing:

Complete the attached request form (see below), and send to the Kofax Netherlands office. 

For inquiries, contact you local Technical Consultant for details.




NEW - Kofax Equitrac The Netherlands Card Check Request.docx (56 KB)