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How to Perform a Fax Detect on a PageCounter 100/300 Terminal

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Problem Statement

With a PageCounter 100 or 300 terminal, how do you perform a fax detect?


  • On the PageCounter terminal, at the Idle Ready screen, press and hold the F2 and END buttons at the same time until you are in Manager mode. Or restart the pagecounter and continuously tap the F2 button until prompted for the password
  • Enter the password when prompted. Password is 112233
  • Press the down arrow key until "Devices" appears; press the Enter key.
  • Select "Device 1" and press the Enter key.
  • Select "Detect Fax Settings" and press the Enter key.
  • Go to the fax machine the terminal is connected to, insert a piece of paper, dial 123#, and press the Start or Send button.
  • Monitor the PageCounter display for the terminal to detect the fax and which type of fax machine it is. NOTE: If no message appears, check the cables and repeat the detect process.
  • Once the detect message appears, press the Enter key and then the F3 key a few times to return to the Idle Ready screen.