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How to add Disbursement option to select TPC

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How to add Disbursement option to select TPC


Disbursement feature is available on some TPC's but not others.


The configuration set for the TPC does not include Disbursement.


You need to change the configuration set for the particular TPC to include Disbursements.

Go to System Manager and look at the TPC under Devices and note the Configuration set assigned to it. For example, it would be Copy Config.

In System Manager, go to Configuration / Configuration Sets / Touch Point Console and look at the existing configuration set. There should be a similar configuration set that also includes the Disbursement feature. Note the name of the configuration set.

Go back to the TPC under Devices. In the Configuration set drop down, select the new configuration set that includes the Disbursement feature. Select OK.

The TPC will now have the ability for the user to access and input Disbursements.