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How to add select users from Active Directory

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How to add select users from Active Directory

Problem Statement:

Equitrac Professional 5 allows users to be added from Active Directory. By default, all users within Active Directory will be added, but Equitrac Professional 5 does have the capability to add users from Organizational Units. By adding users from Organizational Units, only select users will be synchronized with the Equitrac Professional server.


To add users select users, perform the following:

  • Log onto the Domain Controller
  • Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers
  • Expand the Domain name in the left pane
  • Expand Users
  • Right-click on Users > New > Organizational Unit
  • Create the new Organizational Unit
  • Note: Users that need to be added to Equitrac Professional will need to be moved into the new Organizational Unit.

  • Logoff the Domain Controller
  • Log onto the Equitrac Professional 5 server
  • Start System Manager
  • Go Configuration > Active Directory synchronization
  • Under Domain controller, click Add... > enter the Domain controller name or IP address
  • Under Containers, click Addナ
  • Expend the domain > select the new Organizational Unit > OK
  • Click Test to verify the connection
  • Click Importナ
  • Note: A dialogue box will appear indicating that the synchronization will create and modify user accounts. Click OK to continue. Click OK again in the next dialogue box which indicates the synchronization will take place shortly.

  • Click OK
  • Under Client config in the left pane, click Users
  • Note: It may take some time to load the users depending on the number of users in the Organizational Unit.