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How to create a custom price for one or more clients in EP5

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How to create a custom price for one or more clients in EP5

Answer: (See Attachment for Screenshoot)

To determine was the EP5 System is setup to charge for copies, do the steps below. You need to be an Equitrac Administrator to perform the below steps.

  1. On Equitrac Server > Open System Manager
  2. In left-hand pane click on Price List
  3. In right-hand pane the pricing for all transaction types will appear
  4. To view copy pricing, click on the pricing item that has COPY in the default column.
  5. The Modify 'Default Copy Pricing' price list will appear and you will be able to see the default pricing for B&W and Color copies.
  6. There may or may not be addition copy price list setup for special pricing; you can click on them to evaluate.

Once you have determined the default cost, you can setup any special rate. Below are steps to create and assign special rate for specific client(s)

  1. Create Special Price List (This example shows .05 for B&W and .75 for Color)
  2. In System Manager click on Price List > in right pane click <add&#65413;>
  3. Enter pricing for B&W and Color rates > Enter Price List name > OK to save
  4. Create Pricing Rules
  5. In System Manager click on Price Rules > in right pane, right click and add pricing rule
  6. Select transaction type you want the price list assigned to (Copy, Printナetc). You will have to create a Price Rule for each transaction type you want.
  7. Select Price List you created in previous step.
  8. In Criteria click <add&#65413;> and setup your criteria to use the above price list created in the above step.
  9. OK to save.