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How to disable all DRE logging through System Manager.

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How to disable all DRE logging through System Manager.

1) Go to the Equitrac CAS server start System Manager in diagnostic mode (add the -d switch to the System Manager executable command).

2) In the left pane, you will see 'Files' and 'Settings'.

3) Choose 'Settings'.

4) In the right pane, you will see all of the Equitrac servers that have Equitrac components installed.

5) Find the server in which you want to disable logging and open the 'Settings' option.

    You will then see the Equitrac components that are installed on that server.

6) Choose EQ DRE Service and you will get a window of all of the DRE logging options.

7) Click the 'Reset to factory defaults' button.

8) Click OK.

*Note - To enable/disable Journaling logging, the DRE service needs to be restarted. So you will need to restart the DRE service to make sure the Journaling logging is disabled.