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How to look at raw phone data on a EP5 Server

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How to look at raw phone data on a EP5 Server?


First you must determine the Call Site Name in System Manager on EP5 Server (You must be an Equitrac Administrator)

  1. On Equitrac Server, open System Manager
  2.  Left-Hand pane under System Section click on Call Accounting
  3. In Right-Hand pane you will see all call sites listed in system; note the call site name you want to look at raw data for
  4. Expand that call site and you will see the device name (File Import, Buffer, ODBC); that will be the name of the folder you will look for in Windows Explorer

Second, you will navigate Windows Explorer to the raw data folder for specified site ( This example the call site will be WPB Phone)

  1. On Equitrac ServerOpen Windows Explorer and navigate to the following path
    • For 32 bit Servers - C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Equitrac\Equitrac Platform Component\5\EQDCESrv\CDRDeviceData\WPB File
    • For 64 bit Servers - C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Equitrac\Equitrac Platform Component\5\EQDCESrv\CDRDeviceData\WPB File
  2. Under the above folders you will see sub-folder structure of YYYY\MM\DD. You can navigate the year, month and day for the raw data. You will see a file with a .CDR extension and be able to view the file with any text editor.
  3. Once in the file you will be able to search for the information you are looking for.

Note: I've attached a document with some screenshots.



How to look at raw phone data on a EP5 Server.docx (32 KB)