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How to manually uninstall the Equitrac EP5 MAC print client from a workstation.

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How to manually uninstall the Equitrac EP5 MAC client from a workstation.  This is necessary when the standard uninstall script does not run correctly.


  • Login into the Mac workstation using an account with Administrative privileges
  • Open the MacClient installation folder and browse to the Uninstall folder and find the file "".  This is normally also found at _equitrac_installer_dir_/Uninstall/
  • In the Finder, Browse to Utilities and open the Terminal application
  • In the terminal application, type "sudo" and then drag and drop the file from the Finder window into the Terminal window.
  • Press Enter - you should be prompted for a password
  • Type in the Admin account password and press Enter
  • You should see the uninstall script running in the terminal window

How to confirm the uninstall ran correctly:  

In finder select "Go", "Go To" and type in "/library" to access the library folder.  Open "Application Support" and verify the Equitrac folder has been deleted.