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How to replace a PageCounter in EP5

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How do you replace a PageCounter on EP5? Problem Statement: How do you replace a PageCounter on EP5? Resolution: NOTE: The following steps assume an on site replacement of an existing PageCounter Professional terminal hosted by Equitrac Professional 5. They also assume that the necessary firmware is already installed on the PageCounter Pro terminal, that you know the name of the device being placed, and the IP address of the Equitrac server for the device you are exchanging. 1.     On the replacement PageCounter Pro, pressing the Mgr key and enter the password when prompted.  The terminal is now in Manager mode. 2.     In the Options menu, select Network. 3.     Press the Tab key to select Reinitialize and then press the Enter key. 4.     In the Reinitialize Terminal form, press the spacebar and arrow keys to select all four delete options. 5.     Press the Enter key; the terminal reboots. 6.     After rebooting, the PageCounter Pro displays the Network menu. 7.     Type the Terminal Name (use the name of the device you are replacing), the Control System IP (EP5 server address) and static IP network settings, if any. 8.     Press the Enter key; the terminal reboots. 9.     Connect the PageCounter Pro terminal to the network. 10.     Upload the EP5 PageCounter nk.bin to the terminal. Once upload is complete, reboot the terminal. 11.   The Equitrac Professional 5 server should automatically detect the unconfigured new terminal and send programming and validation within two minutes after the reboot. 12.   After the programming and validation is sent, the terminal reboots once more. 13.   After this last reboot is complete, connect all remaining cables to the replacement terminal. 14.   Test and verify that the replacement is functioning properly.