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Equitrac embedded license is registered to the wrong manufacturer

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Why does my Equitrac Embedded License show a different manufacturer than I selected when I registered it?

If you register an embedded license using Equitrac System Manager's Automatic Activation method, your choice of "Manufacturer" will be overwritten with a default, which could mean your embedded license will not work properly (or at all) with the device you are trying to install.

The solution is a 4-step process outlined below:

  • Remove the license from your Equitrac System Manager, and request a license reset. Create a ticket at the Customer Portal ( requesting that your Embedded license(s) be reset due to the auto-registration tool overriding your choice of "Manufacturer". Be sure to include your System ID and of course the applicable/affected serial numbers/license keys.
  • Customer Support Services will reset your license and respond to your ticket letting you know that the reset has been completed within 24-48 hours.
  • Re-register your license at either the Activation Website ( for end-users, or the Partner Portal ( for Certified Partners/Resellers. Either of these methods will result in you getting a manual activation code for your license.
  • Repply the license to System Manager, this time choosing the "manual" method. When adding any licenses in System Manager, you are asked if you wish to perform an Automatic Registration or a Manual Registration. You must choose the Manual option. You will then be asked to enter your Serial Number(s), after which you will be asked to enter the Activation Codes you recieved when registering the license(s) at one of the aforementioned websites.

See article  for more information on how to Manually Activate an Equitrac License.