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Licensing Error Dialog Box Appears on the IKON DocSend Client Workstation

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In Equitrac Professional 5, using EFI SendMe, when you start up the workstation, a licensing error message appears. This behaviour occurs even though the workstation is correctly licensed. Review the following information to troubleshoot this issue.

1.  If you entered an incorrect CAS name during the EFI SendMe or IKON DocSend scan client install, perform the following steps:

a)  Hard reboot the scan workstation.

b)  When the SendMe or DocSend application starts, immediately exit the application before the error message appears.  To exit the application, left-click the SendMe or DocSend logo in the top left corner of the screen.  When prompted, type in the exit password (initially set to "DocSend" for DocSend or "SendMe" for SendMe).  Once that application is closed, and the Microsoft Windows desktop is accessible, locate the following registry subkey:


c)  Edit the CAS name as needed and then exit the registry.

d)  Restart the workstation.

2.  If the CAS name is correct, ensure that there is an active embedded license in System Manager.

3.  If the CAS name is correct and there is a license, ensure network connectivity between the scan workstation and the CAS.