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Delay in printing to Ricoh 901S MFP

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When a user prints to the Ricoh 901S MFP; there is a several minutes (2-5) delay from when the user enters the accounting information in popup to when the MFP starts printing.

There is no delay when MFP is not on a Equitrac Port.


We found a setting on the Equitrac Server for the EQ port. On the 2 Ricoh 901 MFPs the connectivity setting was not set to the default value.

This setting was set to "Hold port open" and should have been set to "Close Port on Completion". "Hold port open" is usually set for security reasons.

Note: By setting the EQ Port to "Hold Port Open" prevents a user from creating a direct IP printer to bypass accounting (no popup). This setting requires the user to print through the print server and be tracked. It also causes a lag in printing. If you have this issue and going to change it to "Close Port on Completion", I would recommend researching why it was set to "Hold Port Open"

How to change setting: You should be an Equitrac Administrator to make this change

  • Open System Manager on Equitrac Server
  • Is left-hand column under System Section > Click on Device (may take several minutes for devices to be displayed in right panel
  • In the right panel > right click and do a find > enter IP address of MFP (this will take you to the Physical Device for that IP)
  • Expand the Physical Device by clicking on + next to the name
  • Under physical device find the EQ_ that is related to your MFP and Print Server name > click on the EQ_ to display options
  • In the Connectivity field click the pull-down and select "Close Port on Completion" > OK to save

Note: This issue may affect other vendors beside Ricoh MFPs; we experienced it with Ricoh but since the fix was resolved within Equitrac System Manager it may cause the issue across other MFP vendors.