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Disk Drive Becomes Full After Generating Large Reports, EP5

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With Equitrac Professional 5, using the Web client after you generate several large reports the drive might run out of space. This behavior can occur because when generating a report, Equitrac creates temporary files in the C:\Windows\Temp directory. Once the report is generated, and you log out of the Web client, these files are automatically deleted. If the report being generated is large, or you do not properly log off of the Web client (click the "X" button to close the window), the temporary files are NOT automatically deleted, the drive might become full.

To resolve the issue, consider the following suggestions:

1.   Always use the Logoff button to exit the Web client; not the "X" button.

2.   Manually delete any old temporary files created from past report generations.

3.   Redirect the temporary files to a new location with more available free space.

The easiest way around this issue is to make sure there is enough disk space available on the C: drive.  If that is not the case, it is possible to redirect the Temp directory to an alternative drive where more space may be available.

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