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EP5: How to capture Print Client Logs on a Workstation Client for Mac

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With Equitrac Professional 5, using a Macintosh workstation, how do you capture print client log files?


With Equitrac Professional 5, using a Mac workstation, how do you capture print client log files?


To generate log files, perform the following steps:

At the Mac 10.x workstation

Create the following files in the /Library/Printers/Equitrac/ folder:

(Note - For Yosemite 10.10 the Log File Path has changed to Library/Application Support/Equitrac)








A set of blank file is attached to this answer in a zip file.  You can download these and file transfer them to the correct location on the MAC computer

NOTE:  By default the Macintosh text editor program "TextEdit" creates new documents as RTF files, but we expect text files.  To fix this, open TextEdit, select Preferences from TextEdit menu, select "Plain text" radio button in the "New Document Attributes" section before creating the new text files.

If the files exist with these names, the software see them and will start writing to the log files.

Now execute the necessary steps to duplicate the issue in question and collect the log files when done.

NOTE:  Though the files might appear to remain 0 KB in size, they may contain data.  

Open each file to verify contents.

To disable logging, delete the files from the workstation.  



Empty MAC logging (1.1 KB)