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EP5: The same Client/Matter number always appears on the Most Recently Used button on the Print pop-up dialog box

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With Equitrac Professional 5, for some users, the same Client/Matter number always appears on the Last Job button, regardless of what Client/Matter number was actually used last.


This behavior can occur if the user's Popup Style is configured to have Hide Mode values stamped when the popup is hidden.

Open System Manager, Classes, Users;

Make note of all Popup Styles in use on each User Class;

Edit each Popup Style, and check to see if the Client or Matter fields are configured with a Hide Mode value;

For each Popup Style where Hide Mode values are configured, click Advanced Print Settings;

Ensure the checkbox for Exclude Hide Mode Validation From User's MRU List is checked.

Once all Popup Styles are appropriately adjusted, in System manager:

Click Software,

Right-click each DCE,

Click Force Cache Update.