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Equitrac: Konica Minolta device does not print jobs

Article # 3016108 - Page views: 353

Problem Statement:

Using Equitrac or ControlSuite with Konica-Minolta MFPs, and one or both of the symptoms are present:

- Print jobs are queuing correctly, and appear on the Equitrac client running on Konica-Minolta MFP interface.  However after selecting for release, nothing is printed.  The job is shown in the Equitrac reports as printed.

- Print-to-Me Printing or Secure Document Release is not implemented.  Print jobs are send to the device, but no paper is output.  Equitrac reports the job as printed.

In both cases, the Konica-Minolta MFP's job log shows these print jobs as "Deleted".


This behavior is due to accounting settings on the Konica-Minolta device, and/or the Konica-Minolta Print driver is configured to require Authentication to print.


o On the Konica-Minolta MFP, the setting can be found from the device panel or the PageScope web interface.

- User Authentication / Account Track > Print Without Authentication.

- This setting must be at Allow or on some devices Full Color/Black.

o For the print driver, ensure that Authentication is Disabled.