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Issue with the number of digits allowed for client/matter numbers at print popup and terminals

Article # 3016127 - Page views: 190

After moving to 5 digit client/matter numbers,  users are unable to print or do copies at terminals.  The new codes are not accepted.

Problem Statement:

After moving to 5 digit client/matter numbers we are not able to print or do copies at our terminals


They syntax for the print popup and the terminals did not allow for 5 digits


Change the field syntax to allow up to 5 digits on both the client and matter tabs in the pagecounter configuration screen as below"

  • Open System Manager ->
  • Go to Configuration, then under Configuration Sets -> Pagecounter/Pro.
  • Select the configuration set that the customer uses, then under the client tab change the max length and the syntax values to reflect the total number of digits allowed for the client numbers
  • Repeat the steps on the matter tab as well if necessary

Select OK and the page counters should reset to get the new configuration.

To change the print popup or TPC syntax

  • click the popup styles link under the client config heading
  • select the popup style in use
  • right click on the client field in the field box and select edit
  • modify the syntax value to reflect the number of digits needed
  • Click OK
  • Repeat the Steps for the matter field if necessary

Test to ensure that the users can use the client/matters numbers at their workstations using the print popup