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New Validation Is Being Updated to Terminals But Old Validation Is Not Being Marked Inactive in the Database

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With Equitrac Professional 5, new validation data is being updated to terminals, but old validation data is not being marked as inactive in the database. The error log file on the terminal indicates that more then 50% of the Client and Matter numbers are updating. The error log states that you are updating more then 50% of your client/matter numbers.

To resolve the issue, force an import and synchronization as follows:

1.     In a Command prompt window, navigate to the following location:

        C:\program files\equitrac\professional\tools

2.     Type the following command line:

 EQEPImport -config=[config_name] -forcesync -cas=[cas_name]

Where:  [Config_name] is the name of the validation import configuration

[cas_name] is the name of the Equitrac server.  NOTE:  This parameter is optional.

For example:   EQEPImport -config="Validation Import" -forcesync

NOTE:  Validation Import is the validation import configuration.  Quotation marks are only required if the file name contains a space.

DISCLAIMER:  Equitrac strongly recommends backing up your database before you begin to make any of the suggested changes to your database. The information provided here should only be performed by those who are familiar with database manipulation.