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No Exported Transaction Data

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No Exported Transaction Data


One cause of this is that the destination path for transaction exports no longer exist or has changed


  • Verify Equitrac EP5 Server has connectivity to destination path
    1. If path is available but the EP5 Server cannot connect, have the Network Admin person verify the Equitrac Service account has full rights to the destination path. To verify this is working, try and copy a file to the destination folder. If it works, the exports should run normally at the next schedule time. Exports will output any missing data that was not exported previously.
    2. If path has changed (Verify with Network Admin), you will need to contact Nuance / Equitrac Support to modify exports to point to the new destination path.

Note: If you need the exports immediately after the destination path has been restored, you can run the export task(s) manually. If you are not in a hurry, the exports will run at the next regularly schedule time.

To run exports manually:

  1. Open System Manager.
  2. Click on Scheduled Tasks in the Left-Hand Column.
  3. Find the Export Task in the list displayed in the left pane.
  4. Right click on the task and click on 'Run task now...'
  5. Click on Refresh in upper left-hand corner on System Manager > the 'Next run date' will update to the current date and time.
  6. Keep clicking on Refresh until you see the 'Last run date' is updated with the current date and time and the 'Next run date will be updated with the next regularly schedule date and time.
  7. You will need to run steps 3 through 6 for each transaction type listed. DO NOT run more than one transaction type at the same time. Run one export, after the Last run and Next run dates have been updated then run the next export.