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No phone calls on EP5 Report for a specific extension

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No phone calls on EP5 Report for a specific extension


Client uses a Cisco Call Manager and they provide one phone data file for all sites. EP5 needs all extensions defined under each Call Site to be able to determine the origin of the call (Site and Extension).

Issue turned out to be that the extension was not defined in System Manager.

To determine if the extension is defined in EP5 System Manager: (Must be an Equitrac Admin to perform the following)

  • On Equitrac Server
  • Run System Manager
  • In the left pane > Call Accounting
  • In the right pane > click on the "Call Site Name" for the office you are looking for
  • Expand Unassigned Extensions and look for the extension that is not showing on the report (you can click on the name column on top to sort the extension list, it will make it easier to find your extension)
  • If extension is not there, right click and add it manually
  • Any new calls will be processed properly go forward.

If the extension is defined under the call site and you are not seeing any calls in the report, you will need to contact Nuance/Equitrac Support.

If the extension was not defined and you had to manually add it to the call site to get the calls to show up and you want to process the data for the missing calls, you will have to contact Nuance/Equitrac Support.