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Printers disappear after a reboot of the EP5 server, and secure document release is no longer enabled for these printers.

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The EP5 server running the CAS and DRE is restarted for some reason, such as after Windows Updates.  After the computer restarts, some of the printers are missing from the tracked devices list.  Also, the secure document release is not enabled for these printers.  The first time anyone prints to one of the tracked printers they reappear in the device list, but they still do not have SDR enabled. 

At startup, the EP5 DRE checks the printers and deletes the print queue from the device list for any printer that it cannot find.  Normally, this is not an issue but if you have a slow system with CAS and DRE on the same server, the DRE can start it's checking before the spooler is fully up and that causes the queues to be deleted from good printers.  The first time someone prints to the printer, the queue is recreated, but of course now SDR is no longer configured. The fix is to go into services and change the DRE service from AUTOMATIC START to AUTOMATIC START (DELAYED).  This forces the DRE service to start after the spooler is fully started and prevents the queues from being deleted.