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Printing - The network location cannot be reached... Error Message Appears When Printing a Job

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In Equitrac Professional 5, when you attempt to send a job to an Equitrac port, the job might suddenly become stuck in the print queue on the print server. In some instances, an error message might also appear beside the print job in the queue. In all instances, the job is never sent to the printer. Prior to this issue occurring, jobs were printing and tracking successfully. This issue occurs because the communication port is currently open or is in use by a device other than the print server.

Use the following steps to troubleshoot this issue.  After each step, verify whether the issue has been resolved by sending a print job to an Equitrac port.

1.  Make sure the printer is online. Ping the printer.  If no response is returned, determine why the device is offline and correct.

2.  Power cycle the device.

3.  Determine if the device is using an LPR or RAW port.  If the device is using a RAW port, confirm that port 9100 or 10001 (depending on printer make and model) is open.  Use utilities such as Telnet or PortQry from Microsoft.

4. If using a RAW port and the port is open, move the printer back to a TCPIP port and print a test page.  If the print is unsuccessful, this indicates that the problem is with the device and is not an Equitrac issue.  If the test print is successful, move the printer back to the Equitrac port and print another test page. 

5.  If using a RAW port and the port is not open, contact the site IT administrator.  It must be determined why the port is not open.  If another device is using this port, this is a conflict that needs to be resolved.  

6.  If using an LPR port, confirm the queue name is correct on the port. 

7.  If the LPR port is not a Windows LPR port, confirm that ports 721 - 731 are not in use (see RFC ll79).