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Printing very slow due to SQL server issues EP5

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The customer is having issues with their SQL server and as a result printing for all users is very slow.


This type of slowness can occur when the CAS has an intermittent connection to the SQL database. Because it is intermittent, the DRE and CAS still attempt to connect to each other and are then required to wait for the connection to timeout with the database before proceeding. This connection delay results in slow printing.

The best option for getting around this problem is to stop the CAS service while the SQL server issues are fixed by the customer's IT department. With the CAS service off, the DRE service goes into an offline mode and will cache all print transactions without attempting to communicate with CAS. This will eliminate any delay the end user may have been experiencing. Once the SQL server is back on-line, restart the CAS service and the DRE service and the printing operations will return to normal again.