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Some Client or Matter Validation Data Appears to Be Unavailable in Equitrac

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With Equitrac Professional 5, some Client, Matter or user data appears to be missing from the Equitrac. As result, users are unable to enter the necessary validation data when printing or when using a terminal. There are several reasons why validation data may be unavailable. To troubleshoot this issue, review the following information:

1.     Verify whether the reported number is missing from the Equitrac validation table.  In System Manager, select Users or Client/Matters and search for the reported missing number.  If it is missing from these lists this indicates a problem with the import process.

2.     Review the user or client/matter import process.  Use the Import wizard to review how the system collects user, client, and matter data.  In the Import Wizard tool, select to edit an existing import for the type of data missing and then press Next; the source file or database of the data appears.  If data is being imported from a file, review the last imported file to see if it contains the number that has been reported missing.  If the missing number is not present in the data file this indicates a problem with the time and billing system, not Equitrac.  If the number is in the file, but not in the Equitrac database, this indicates a problem with the import process.  To troubleshoot validation import issues you may need to contact Equitrac Support.

3.     Verify whether the number is available at a terminal.  For a PageCounter terminal, use a Web browser to enter the IP address of the terminal.  Click the Database link and enter SUPER for the user.  Enter the applicable password.  In the database, select the appropriate table (table 0 for users, table 2 for Clients, and table 3 for Matters).  In the "Where" portion of the screen, type "code = XXXXX" where XXXX is the missing number.  If the number is a Client Matter, enter it as XXXX~XXXX where a tilde (~) is a separator between the Client and Matter.  If the number appears, it exists on the terminal.  If it does not appear, it does not exist on the terminal.  Repeat this process on several terminals to determine if the problem occurs with one or select terminals or all terminals.

4.     Resend full validation to a PageCounter terminal.  If validation is missing from a single terminal,  re-initialize the terminal.  Web admin the terminal and select the Config link.  Click the Re-init link and select the "Delete All Tables and Resend Full Validation and Config" option.  Click the Save button.  This starts the table purge and re-init process.  Once the terminal is back on-line, verify whether the issue is solved.