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Validation not updating in EP5 via ODBC import

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Validation is not updating in EP5 via ODBC import.

Problem Statement:

Validation not updating in EP5.


Import task is not running. There is an error in the Windows Event Viewer log that indicates the task is unable to create the reject file. Event number is 36873. There is a slash or other invalid Windows filename character in the name of the import configuration and a file name cannot be created that includes the invalid character. Sample of the error is attached to this article.


Remove the invalid character from the name of the import configuration. Delete the task that includes the import configuration with the invalid name. Create a new task with the new import configuration name that does not include the invalid character. Stop the Scheduler service, and purge Scheduler cache files. Restart the Scheduler service. Run the new task to import validation.


18411 Error.txt (1 KB)

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