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Very Large and Incorrect Print Page Count on Random Transactions

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With Equitrac Professional 5, random print transactions record very large incorrect print page counts. This behavior can occur when the data that is sent to the printer cannot be recognized by the EQ Port Monitor. When this occurs, the system defaults to a "Text" counter that simply counts the lines of text in the document. If the document contains any sort of graphics or formatting, this can cause page counts to be very high and incorrect.

To confirm that this is the case, run the following query against the eqcas database to return all transactions that have been counted with the "Text" interpreter (PDL 7):

SELECT * FROM view_print_all where PDL = 7

If the problem is confirmed to be a result of the "Text" interpreter, and occurs regularly on a single device, then the wrong print stream interpreter is likely selected.  To change the print stream interpreter, start System Manager and select Devices.  Select the physical device of the printer in question and select "Print Language" in the dialog box.  Select the appropriate language for the printer.

If the correct language is selected, the problem could be the result of a corrupt job sent from a workstation to the printer.  In this case, since the job is already corrupt before it reaches the Equitrac system, there isn't any action that can be taken on the Equitrac side to prevent the problem. 

It is recommended that administrators monitor for PDL 7 transactions on a regular basis to prevent overbilling.

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