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Kofax Loyalty Offerings - Including Supplier of Record changes and Loyalty Offerings

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Kofax Loyalty Offerings

Including Supplier of Record changes and Loyalty Offerings


End user customers of Kofax products (Equitrac, SafeCom and eCopy) currently under Kofax maintenance and support services may, on occasion, wish to change their current contracted Partner who is their support provider (for instance because of a change of MFD brands in their organisation). Such changes will have consequences on the licensing of the solution and the associated support.

  • Support is provided from Kofax to the End Customer through a Kofax Partner which typically is the Partner who originally purchased the solution from Kofax. This Partner owns the responsibility to deliver support services to its end customer and is deemed by Kofax to be the Supplier of Record (SoR). The Partner who is the SoR is the entity that Kofax will accept support calls from based on the solutions registered serial number(s).
  • In addition to SoR changes, some customers may also wish to change the MFD brand on which the Kofax solution is installed. It can be the case that this change would require a registered license to be replaced ("Loyalty Offering").

Both SoR and Loyalty Offering requests are usually unique situations and require consultation with your Kofax representative. Below is an outline of the requirements your Kofax representative will need in order to validate and progress the request. SoR change requests are subject to Kofax approval at its sole discretion.

Loyalty Offering Request



  • The original product license keys must be included with a Loyalty Offering order. As part of the order process, the original product license key(s) will be voided. The End Customer is no longer licensed to use their original software under the terms of the Loyalty Offering.
  • The original product is required to have current M&S coverage in order to qualify for the Loyalty Offering. Any residual un-used M&S value is lost with the distribution of the new licenses.
  • The Loyalty Offering does not cover a change in to the MFD Brand to a Canon MFD brand.
    • If the End Customer currently has Canon MEAP assigned licenses and wishes to change to another MFD Brand, this option is available however there will be no MEAP fee refund provided
  • It is not possible to change the MFD vendor assignment of Equitrac SMB Licenses. These are therefore not eligible under the Loyalty Offering.
  • E-Copy Loyalty Offering does not apply to a Partner that provides multi-vendor support. Loyalty licenses are not required in this situation.
  • Orders under the Loyalty Offering must be for individual End Customers. Orders cannot be consolidated across multiple End Customers. An order must reference "Imaging Loyalty" and the order must include the name of the End Customer. The product must be registered and the order must include the original product license keys that are being traded in.
  • An order must include the same number of license keys as they are surrendering
    • License quantity packages cannot be split into single licenses through this offering
  • Requests are made and fulfilled through Kofax or one of its contracted Partners
  • The Partner requires a quote from Kofax
  • Product must be registered to the End Customer

Steps the New Partner must follow:  

  1. Send a request in writing to your Kofax Sales Representative to include the End Customer name and original product license keys (include all license serial numbers).
  2. Kofax will confirm details and provide information necessary to proceed with an order.
  3. Submit an order which references the "Imaging Loyalty" specific part numbers provided by Kofax from the above confirmation.



Article # 3015623