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Kofax MFDP's Position on Utilizing Kofax MFDP Software on Cloud Servers

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[Please refer to Kofax Support Statement on Virtual Computing and Cloud Support.]

The following is Kofax MFDP's position on utilizing Kofax MFDP software on Cloud servers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.  This statement applies to Kofax MFDP products, such as AutoStore, ControlSuite, Equitrac, Output Manager, SafeCom or ShareScan.

"Kofax MFDP recognizes the wish for some customers to utilize cloud platforms such as Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to deploy applications and services which can be provided to their on premise network by way of a site to site VPN or leased line. With this network topology the infrastructure and services held in the cloud are seen as an extension of the customers private on premise network and normal TCP/IP operations can occur.  

Assuming the above network conditions are met, it can be assumed that deploying the product onto a cloud platform will function as expected with no notable differences from an on premise deployment and would be supported as such. Please note that all other pre-requisites for the given solution such as underlying operating systems and hardware specification must also be adhered to.

If a specific issue should arise directly as a result of the Kofax MFDP product being deployed onto a cloud platform, then the customer may be requested to move all components back to a traditional on premise deployment."

Note: Microsoft Azure cloud service should not be confused with Microsoft Azure Information Protection which is a cloud-based solution that helps an organization to classify, label, and protect its documents and emails.



Article # 3015017