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Equitrac - Using iCLASS cards

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Which card readers are best suited to use HID iCLASS cards with Kofax MFDP systems such as Equitrac, Copitrak, etc.?


  1. For Equitrac Embedded systems that use Equitrac ID card readers (USB type), the recommended card reader is the CRU0MC02 (Multi-card reader with full iCLASS decoding).  The part number on the bottom of the card reader is Y591-EMSI-202.  To return the iCLASS card number, the card reader must be loaded with the appropriate configuration, such as the "13MHz Card / iCLASS / Printed Number [via HID_SAM] (Type 96)".  The Kofax Reader Maintainer is required for this purpose.
  2. For single function printers, the recommended solution is the - CRN0MC02 (Ethernet Card Reader with SAM and Full iCLASS decoding)

NOTE: These parts are once again available for ordering as of July 2020.

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For Konica-Minolta MFPs using Equitrac Embedded, the recommended reader is AU-202H. Note that this reader is sold and supported by Konica-Minolta.