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Kofax card readers: HID iCLASS® Seos™ card compatibility

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HID Global has a card called the iCLASS® Seos™ Card.  These are compatible with the following Kofax card readers.


1) Kofax Micro iCLASS Card Reader (Manufacturing part number on the label of the reader: Y591-MMSI-202).  

2) USB - Kofax ID Card Reader (The manufacturing part number on the bottom of the reader is Y591-EMSI-202)

3) Network enabled -  (Manufacturing part number: Y591-EMSI-402)

Please note that if the regular Equitrac Multi-card reader is used or the correct configuration is not loaded, the reader may return a different number each time a card is presented.  This could result in an undesirable user experience of being requested to register their card each time they log in with the card, if card self-registration is enabled. To resolve, ensure that the correct reader with full iCLASS decoding is used and load a configuration for iCLASS cards using the Kofax Reader Maintainer.