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What is an Equitrac Pulse Cable and how is it used?

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With Equitrac Office, Equitrac Express, and Equitrac Professional 5, what is an Equitrac Pulse Cable and what is it used for?


The Equitrac Pulse cable is used for testing purposes to provide copy counts if no copier is present. If a copy cable is connected between the copier and terminal and is not working properly, the Equitrac Pulse cable can be used to verify that the terminal is functioning correctly.

To use the Equitrac Pulse cable, connect it to the Copy Control interface on the back of any Equitrac Copy terminal.

NOTE:  In some instances, an adapter cable (most often a CA0124 cable) may be required between the Equitrac Pulse Cable and the terminal.  

Once the Equitrac Pulse cable is connected, enter validation at the terminal; the button on the end of the Equitrac Pulse cable lights up.  This indicates that the terminal has unlocked the copier.  Press the lit button to simulate copies being made.  The copy count on the terminal will advance each press of the button.

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