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Information on the ShareScan ProfileTool

Information on the ShareScan ProfileTool


This article contains information on the eCopy ShareScan ProfileTool. 

The ShareScan 5.0 ProfileTool is a command line utility, which can be used for replicating configuration data (profiles) of ShareScan v5 connectors, add-on services and document services between ShareScan Manager instances. The ProfileTool can migrate profile-attached binary data, so called ComponentData as well. 

As of ShareScan 5.1, the Profile Tool is integrated into the ShareScan Administration Console with a graphical interface so no separte download is required. To access the tool, go to Administration Console > Advanced tab > Tools > Profile Tool.

The Purpose of this tool is to enable in field engineers to export profiles from a single configuration to replicate it over any number of ShareScan Servers or ScanStations.  Please note that when profiles are imported, any previous profiles will be overwritten.  

Note: In order to use this tool, you must be running ShareScan v5 Service Pack 4 or higher, and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 must be installed on the machine as well.

Command Line Example:

-Export the Profiler Tool zip to c:\program files\nuace\shareScan5\Server

- open a CMD window in c:\program files\nuace\shareScan5\Server folder

- ProfileTool.exe hit enter

- ex * allconnector.profile

- press * hit enter

- ex * allservices.profile

- exit