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How to activate a product without an Internet connection

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How to activate a product without an Internet connection


An Internet connection is a requirement to install Nuance or ScanSoft products in order to activate. If an internet connection is not available on the machine with the software, please do the following:

Note: An Internet connection is still needed to activate, however, it does not have to be the machine that is activating the software.

  1. Launch the application to activate.
  2. Click "Activate Now > Activate Manually".
  3. Verify that the Serial Number was entered correctly including entering 0's (zeros) not O's.
  4. Go to the following address:
  5. Enter in the two pieces of information:
    1. Serial Number
    2. Machine Fingerprint
  6. Verify that the information is entered correctly.
  7. Click the "Generate Activation Key" button.
  8. Copy and paste the produced activation key into the first cell on the Activation dialog. If the number is entered in manually, verify the number in its entirety.
  9. Click "OK" to activate the product.