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Sample Code: Simple Document Conversion (DirectText)

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How do you convert an image document to a searchable format?

The sample function below will take as input the path to an image file as well as the path where the output document should be placed. This code will iterate through each page in an input document, OCR the page and output it to the specified format.

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private static void DirectText(string inputFile, string outputFile)


    //Initialize the engine

    Engine.Init("CompanyName", "ProductName");

    //Create a settings collection to manage OCR settings

    using (SettingCollection settings = new SettingCollection())


        //Set the recognition module to our 3-way engine which is the most accurate

        settings.DefaultRecognitionModule = RECOGNITIONMODULE.RM_OMNIFONT_PLUS3W;

        //Set the output format to Simple Text

        settings.DTXTOutputformat = DTXTOUTPUTFORMATS.DTXT_TXTF;

        //Other common outputs:

        //Formatted Text - DTXT_TXTF

        //PDF - DTXT_IOTPDF


        //Load the (multipage) input file

        using (ImageFile file = new ImageFile(inputFile, FILEOPENMODE.IMGF_READ, IMF_FORMAT.FF_SIZE, settings))


            //Iterate through each page in the input file

            for (int iPage = 0; iPage < file.PageCount; iPage++)


                //Load the page into memory

                using (Page page = new Page(file, iPage, settings))


                    //Perform image cleanup (deskew, auto-rotate, despeckle, etc.)


                    //OCR the image to the output file (append).