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Nuance OmniPage Capture SDK 20.2 for Windows is available


Nuance OmniPage Capture SDK 20.2 for Windows

Released: June 21, 2017

Version 20.2 is a Service Release of the OmniPage Capture SDK 20 for Windows. It includes bug fixes and a couple of improvements for addressing issues reported by SDK users and present in other Nuance products also based on this SDK. It contains all fixes and changes implemented since the original 20.0 Release.

For detailed information on changes, consult the ReadMeEng.htm file available in the downloadable CSDK .zip file and after installation in the Documentation subfolder of the OPCaptureSDK20 destination folder.

The installation packages can be downloaded from the Nuance Network (

To download the software package:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Product Downloads
  3. Click OmniPage Capture SDK and Server under Productivity Software section
  4. Select CSDK for Windows
  5. Select CSDK 20
  6. Select CSDK20.2
  7. Click the .zip file whose naming corresponds to your system version and the application to be built:
    • for 64-bit application development
    • for 32-bit application development
  8. Accept the "TERMS OF USE" agreement This is required to download the selected material.