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Engine logging (all versions)

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Engine logging (all versions) 


The Engine init will check the presence of a file named recdiag_log.ini in the folder where the Engine binaries are located.

If the recdiag_log.ini is present there, then logging will start,

  and the log file will be created as recdiag_.log in the folder where the Engine binaries reside.

From version v18 the licensing part of Engine init will process the NuanceLS.exe.config file, which is beside the NuanceLS.exe file,

  and it will create an NLLog.txt if it is instructed to in the config file in the same folder where the licensing binaries reside.

Steps to set up logging:

1. Copy recdiag_log.ini in the folder where the Engine bibaries reside.

2. Run your test application until it reaches the incriminated call and the error occurs, and terminate the process.

3. Send us the created recdiag_.log file.

4. If licensing specific logging is also required, then use the attached NuanceLS.exe.config

   instead of the current NuanceLS.exe.config, and send the created NLLog.txt to us.


1. When you are done with logging the recdiag_log.ini file has to be removed/renamed to prevent from further

logging that would slow down your OCR process and the log file would grow extremely big.

2. Copy the original content of the NuanceLS.exe.config file back when there is no need for more licensing logging.

3. Make sure that the account that runs the actual application that is logged has enough rights to write

to the Engine binaries' directory.



NuanceLS.exe.config (2 KB)

recdiag_log.ini (13 KB)