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Output Manager: Configure a Mac for Secure Pull Print

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Following steps can be used to configure a Mac for using Secure Pull Print with Output Manager.

  1. Configure the Output Manager Source

a. Go to OM Console - Sources

b. Right-click on the 'All Sources' top group.

c. Choose New Source

d. Choose LPD as the source type.

e. On the LPD source main screen select the correct IP address from the pick list (recommend using the IPv4 IP address.) NOTE: If there are more than one NIC for a single server make sure to use the same IP address on both the OM LPD source configuration and the MAC LPR IP address.

f. Create a LPD queue in the LPD queues: grid.

g. Set the document Data Type to match the data type used by the MAC print driver (ie: PS or PCL6.) 

h. Set the Output settings tab - Route to destination: to the Pending Queue used for secure release.

i. Click OK to save the source configuration.

j. Configure Output Manger device for Unified Client and create its associated destination.

k. Import the Output Manager device into DRS.

l. Configure DRS destination and DRS Application.

m. Conduct the appropriate DRS actions to provide a functional client on the MFD.

2. Configure the MAC printer.

a. Download and install the MAC print driver on the individual MACs

b. Go to Apple > System Preferences > Printers

c. Click on the "+" sign under the list of printers, select "Add Printer or Scanner..."

d. Select IP.

e. Enter the following information:

     -- Address: The address of the OM print server.

     -- Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD

     -- Queue: The queue name created on the OM print server.  This must be entered manually, and EXACTLY as it is listed in OM.

     -- Name: Descriptive name.

     -- Location: Descriptive location.

     -- Use: Choose "Select Printer Software..." then select the appropriate driver and click OK.

f. Test and make sure the user that was logged into the MAC that sent the test document can securely release the document at the MFD.

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