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How to Migrate Output Manager Licenses

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How to Migrate Output Manager Licenses


This article describes how to migrate an Output Manager license from one server to another. License migration is commonly performed when moving the software to a new physical or virtual machine. This article describes the process for Output Manager and later. The process for earlier versions may require assistance from Nuance technical support. Customers on these older versions are encouraged to contact support before attempting a server move.


The following steps should be taken before attempting to migrate the license

  1. Determine a suitable time to perform the migration as it will require a small amount of down time
  2. Perform a backup of the Output Manager database
  3. Ensure that license information (serial number and license key) is saved in a separate file in a secure location

License Deactivation

The task can be performed in the Administration application within the Output Manager Console.

  1. From the Output Manager console click on the Application application
  2. Navigate to the Manage License section
  3. The current license information will appear in the right hand pane. In that pane click on License Wizard
  4. In the wizard click next and then select Deactivate DBM / Uninstall license, then click next again
  5. Now select the correct server you wish to remove the license. Click next
  6. Continue in the wizard until the license removal screen is shown
  7. Run the license wizard again and select Install license for the second screen
  8. When prompted choose activate over the Internet.
  9. You will receive the confirmation screen once activation is complete.

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